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Omega Martial Arts Colorado School logo Parker Colorado Martial Arts School Training Classes
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Parker, Colorado Judo, Hapkido, Self Defense and Martial Arts Classes from Omega Martial Arts Since 1986

Parker, viagra online Colorado based OMEGA MARTIAL ARTS uses a proprietary blend of Tae Kwon Do, American Boxing, Karate, Isshinru, Judo, Jujitsu, Traditional Weaponry, Street Smart Self-Defense and Shipasho "18 postures" [the ancient family art from China] to improve the student's skills. Traditional weapons include sticks [Arnis stick fighting], Bo, Sia, Tonfa, Nunchakus, Kama, Sword, 3 section staff, 9 section chain and Rope Dart. All instructors for Parker, Colorado Martial Arts classes from Omega are trained and experienced Black Belts proven in both focused and broad-based skill sets. Omega Martial Arts Instructors are trained not only in Martial arts skills but are given instruction towards helping others improve communication which includes assistance for students with special needs. Our Christian Martial Arts Program philosophy is unique among training class curriculums in this community.

OMEGA MARTIAL ARTS COLORADO offers classes in Martial arts, Judo, Jujitsu, Cardio Karate [fitness kickboxing] and Omega extreme Martial Arts.

Castle Rock, Colorado Martial Arts Training - Judo, Jujitsu, and Karate

Offering professional Martial Arts classes and training just a short drive from, Castle Rock, Colorado next to Douglas County. Many of our current and former Colorado Martial Arts students come from surrounding communities due to our superior classes and training programs.



Martial Arts Classes near Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and Aurora, Colorado Including Karate, Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do

Located only 10 minutes from Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and Aurora, Colorado our Martial Arts school will be worth the extra effort to improve your student's skills in numerous martial arts disciplines. All we need is the opportunity to earn your trust. You'll discover the exact training needed to fulfill expectations.

OMEGA MARTIAL ARTS in Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and Aurora, Colorado was started in 1982 and incorporated in 1986 by Dr. Bob Davis. At that time Dr. Davis was a 4th degree Black Belt. His original instructor was Bong Soo Jong who taught Christian Tae Kwon Do. During the late 60's and 70's Dr. Davis trained with Master Jong (Daniel). Master Jong believed in God and showed care for all around him, but, unfortunately he left the Colorado area leaving Dr. Davis to find another school.

Dr. Davis attended several traditional Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Judo, Aikido, Karate and Kung fu schools in Colorado and realized the fact that most "Master" instructors have an inflated opinion of themselves that rivaled God. This realization lead to the idea to form a new school based upon Christian values. He took the best characteristics and techniques that he had learned in the past and molded them into the system presently called "OMEGA MARTIAL ARTS". Omega is one of the Greek names for God. The Omega symbol in our Omega Martial Arts logo is the electronic symbol signifying resistance. A perfect blend of the values Dr. Davis wished to express. The foundational statement for Omega is "Teaching quality martial arts in a loving, caring, safe and family environment".


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